Design Ethos

Before anything else, we start each product as a sketch. We sketch out hundreds of designs before finding the handful of ones that we will collaborate with are artisan partners with.
During our collaborations, the artisans bring a different story and life to the designs. They have a different life view and experiences. It's very exciting to see that come alive in our designs.
All the materials that are used in our products are Eco-friendly and hand-crafted. To learn more about our materials in our jewelry collection click here. To learn more about our fabrics click here.
When it comes time to create each design, the artisans come to life. They are proud to create new pieces for you, and show you their expertise in tailoring, beading, and jewelry making. This is where they shine
The final products are nothing short of works of art crafted with love. Each piece has a story to tell. A story of persistence, strength, dignity, hope, and unique beauty. We hope that you find your story in our products and are inspired to show off your unique beauty.
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