Panajachel is nestled right next to Lake Atiklan in Guatemala. It is a beautiful city, and is home to Gaspar, our very talented tailor. We met Gaspar in the summer of 2014 and were impressed from the beginning with his skills.

He has had odd jobs sewing here and there for tourist shops in Panajachel, but nothing consistent. Which is hard for him because he has a wife, two daughters and a son to support. Right now he is also teaching his brother how to sew so that his brother can have work. In doing this, Gaspar is sharing his jobs with his brother so that his brother will be able to make a small income.

4 All Humanity had to come along side Gaspar to give him more consistent work. His skill along with his willingness to help others made us want to partner with him. We like to believe that if you are kind and hard working good things will happen. Well, we wanted to make sure that Gaspar had good things happen to him for all he was doing for his family.

We are so excited to be working with Gaspar and getting to showcase his impeccable tailoring skills. Shop his tailoring skills here.