Frequently Asked Questions

How did 4 All Humanity get started?

4 All Humanity got it's start back in 2012. Founder Zoe was confronted with the question "is this it?" At the time she was a technical designer for an activewear company. While she liked her job she didn't have a sense of propose or fulfillment from working 8-5 in a cubical day in and day out. Years before in college she was introduced to the idea of fair trade.

In what ways is 4 All Humanity differently than other fashion companies?

4 All Humanity is completely focused on providing a pathway out of poverty for those in impoverished communities. We focus on developing long-term relationships with our artisan groups. Before producing starts on any new design we pay our artisans what they need to buy all raw materials necessary for our products, We also pay for all our products up-front rather than on delivery to provide our artisans with the cash flow they need to grow a sustainable business.

Who makes 4 All Humanity's products?

All of our products are crafted by artisan workshops in vulnerable communities that run in a manner consistent with fair trade principles. 4 All Humanity does not own or operate any artisan workshops, but instead focuses on developing artisans through technical training and design. 

How does 4 All Humanity select the artisans they work with?

We intentionally look for artisan groups with whom we can make the biggest impact. Some of the criteria include; need for work, poor quality of life, and limited access to the western market.  We work with different types of organizations, including companies, cooperatives and non-profits. But at the very heart of selecting artisan groups to work with is the desire to create sustainable long-term jobs for each and every person in the groups that we work with.

What percentage "goes back" to the artisans?

Our model is different than that of other social conscious businesses which are rooted in the "give-back" model. We do not "give back" a percentage to our artisans. Instead we are focused on providing our artisans with the ability to gain financial freedom and security through dignified job creation. We pay our artisans up front for all the pieces that they create so that they have money for everyday life instead of waiting to be paid for their work once an item has been sold.

Job creation is a founding principle for 4 All Humanity. It is the key to creating economic empowerment and security which strengthens families and communities. When you purchase from 4 All Humanity you are creating sustainable work for our artisans across the globe.

In addition to job creation, we also believe that education is fundamental to alleviating poverty. Many parents in developing countries do not have the funds to send their children to school. For the cycle of poverty to be broken, children must receive an education. We have a special program that sends girls in Guatemala to school.

How does 4 All Humanity ensure that artisan partners provide fair wages and safe work environments?

4 All Humanity only works with artisan groups who are consistent with our mission and committed to providing fair wages and safe working environments for all of their workers. Before any new pieces are made we ask our partners to define how wages are determined we then assess these wages to ensure that they are actually a livable wage. The final price we pay for our pieces is mutually agreed upon by all parties and ensures fair pay for the artisans. In most cases we are paying our artisans 3x what is considered a livable wage in their communities.

Who creates the 4 All Humanity designs?

Zoe does a lot of the design, her background is in apparel design. 4 All Humanity also collaborates with our artisan teams to combine on-trend designs with local materials and artisan craftsmanship. In this way, we harness the strengths of both our team in the U.S. and our artisan teams in Guatemala to bring you truly unique pieces that you will love to wear.

How can I get involved?

You can support us by purchasing your favorite 4 All Humanity piece, telling your friends and family about what we are doing, or becoming part of our affiliate program.


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