El Tablon

El  Tablon, about an hour away from Lake Atiklan in Guatemala, is home to Julia and Marie Elena, two of our artisans. They are sisters and co-leaders of the co-operative. These ladies are nothing short of business women. They are organized, articulate, and have vision for the future. Their hands never stop moving. They are constantly taking notes, working on pieces, or coming up with something new.

Julia & Marie Elena, were thrilled when 4 All Humanity started working with them. While the co-operative has been together for several years, times have been rough. They tell stories of working with business that never paid them, or only paid partially. For them this work is a life line.

Their co-operative is made up of seventeen woman, all of which are mothers. In total there are thirty-six children!

4 All Humanity is excited to be working with such talented jewelry makers. They work with skilled hands. It's like watching an artist paint. They know the end masterpiece before they began, and work with such clarity and precision. Shop their collection here.