#smartisbeautiful Collection

This project is about awareness and education. Let’s get the message out about #smartisbeautiful and support the education of women and girls in Guatemala.


What is considered beautiful changes year to year and from culture to culture, but what is beautiful across the world is a smart mind, and a kind heart. We live in a society whose seemingly sole focus is on women's outer appearance.  We need to take back the power and break the cycle of beauty oppression by creating a mindset of true beauty. Take a stand with us. Don’t be defined by outward appearance. Let’s define ourselves by the content of our minds and hearts. Our #smartisbeautiful collection is focused on empowering women everywhere to be their own beautiful and use the power of education to empower women and girls in Guatemala to rise above poverty.


You’re also invited along on this journey. In exchange for every shirt purchased we’ll send you an enclosed QR Code. When scanned, you’ll learn a little bit about the girl you’re supporting in school. You’ll see a glimpse into her daily life, and her future dreams. #Smartisbeauitful is empowering women around the world.

"Education is the one thing that will equalize us across the globe." -Norma Juma

Be a change maker and help us change the lives of women and girls in Guatemala!