March 25, 2014

4 All Humanity founder Zoe Schumm with artisan group in Guatemala

Zoe is also a talented fashion designer. Before joining the fair trade movement, Zoe worked for a major fashion design company and was frequently sought after to design custom bridal gowns. It was then that she realized that her biggest impact on the world could be through her fabric and business decisions.

In 2012, Zoe and her husband, Joshua, launched a new brand, 4 All Humanity. The company combines Zoe's eye for fashion with her love for all things global. Zoe & Joshua work with artisans in Guatemala and connect them to the global market, and provide technical assistance to help their small business grow.

Receiving a fair, livable wage empowers artisans to hone their craft and change their lives. Thanks to Fair Trade principles, artisans working with 4 All Humanity are able to earn more than they would at another job in their community. This translates to greater investment in their families and their neighborhoods.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you'll explore 4 All Humanity's online shop and look through our shelves for unique, one-of-a-kind lovelies. Thank you for your support!


Why Fair Trade is Important: Protecting the Garment Workers

Today marks the 103rd anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City. Today we are seeing similar and even worse conditions for workers in developing countries. Some of them only receiving 1/10 of what the garment workers here in the US made 100 years ago!

We need to remember that our clothing wasn't made by some machine overseas, but that it was made by an actual person. Someone that deserves the right to be paid a fair wage!

This is why it is so important to shop fair trade items. To ensure that the people making the products we consume or wear are being treated well and that they are making a wage that they can actually live off of.