June 18, 2015


4 All Humanity founder Zoe Schumm with artisan group in Guatemala

Zoe is also a talented fashion designer. Before joining the fair trade movement, Zoe worked for a major fashion design company and was frequently sought after to design custom bridal gowns. It was then that she realized that her biggest impact on the world could be through her fabric and business decisions.

In 2012, Zoe and her husband, Joshua, launched a new brand, 4 All Humanity. The company combines Zoe's eye for fashion with her love for all things global. Zoe & Joshua work with artisans in Guatemala and connect them to the global market, and provide technical assistance to help their small business grow.

Receiving a fair, livable wage empowers artisans to hone their craft and change their lives. Thanks to Fair Trade principles, artisans working with 4 All Humanity are able to earn more than they would at another job in their community. This translates to greater investment in their families and their neighborhoods.

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#smartisbeautiful: Hannah Edition

This past spring we invited some pretty awesome and inspiring women into our studio to talk about #smartisbeautiful. Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing with you their personal stories, how they define beauty, why education is important and what made them want to get involved with 4 All Humanity.


HANNAH KAGAY: Hairstylist







Hannah is a fun-loving lady with a huge heart! As a hairstylist she is half therapist and half beauty guru. You can always find her with a smile on her face and a willing ear to listen. She is a mama of three (almost four), and I'm pretty sure she is constantly training for a 5k, half-marathon, or some kind of race.

What made you (Hannah) want to be a part of this campaign?

I think this is a great opportunity to spread awareness for helping those around us to achieve their academic goals. There are so many great opportunities that we take for granted because we lack the confidence or endurance to persevere. You will never regret taking the extra step to reach your goals and I'm so grateful to be a part of a campaign that emphasizes education!










What defines beauty?
I have been lucky enough to participate in the many stages of life with my clients. Where they are getting ready for prom, applying for their first job, preparing for their wedding day, battling breast cancer and losing their hair, letting their natural gray grow out and embracing it, and even styling their hair for their final resting place. Through all those phases, I see beauty portrayed in the confidence and joy in their eyes, by those taking life as it comes and seeing that no matter what comes their way they will allow it to make them stronger individuals. I belive that beauty grows in all of us by taking the happy and sad moments of our lives and letting it shape us into shinning examples that others can't help but notice.


Why is education important?
Education is so vital today because it is an empowering avenue for success, allowing us to help others with the different talents and knowledge that we have received.

What would you say to a girl going to school for the first time?
Stick with it, no matter what! Find something you are passionate about studying and pursue it with all you have. Seeing firsthand the challenges that girls face in Haiti when it comes to education, and life for that matter, I know how easy it would be to give up. I just wish they knew how much better life could be with the will power to stick it out and become educated individuals in their communities.


Learn more about the #smartisbeautiful campaign




We would love to know how you define beauty #smartisbeautiful {Empowered women, empower others}

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